5 common errors – 5 errori comuni


To optimize your chances of success in a 5K or other distance, talking to the best running experts to identify the most common mistakes during workouts … here’s what they told us.

Training for an athletic performance like a 5K is an activity that is certainly good for your health. however, it is well known that people are beings of habit. Even when they accept a new challenge, the practical activity turns into a routine.

Of course, repetition in training is important to achieve your goals. But it is also easy to fall into some traps that can hinder the achievement of a goal. One of these are bad habits which, over time, can cause problems during a training plan. Most often these problems are difficult for beginners to spot.

Bad habits, however, are not difficult for running coaches to identify. So we have heard a number of coaches to help us with this problem.

ERROR 1: Choosing the wrong target

There’s nothing wrong with aiming high. The big goals are those that push us to achieve better results, both mentally and physically. However, when it comes to training for a new physical performance, it is also important to be realistic about the results that can be achieved in a given amount of time. If you aim too high in a short time we would certainly be disappointed.

“Often athletes choose unrealistic goals and training plans and quickly get tired and discouraged. I suggest athletes always choose an achievable goal and create a realistic plan to achieve it.”

Jenny Harkins

ERROR 2: Not recovering properly

There is always excitement when trying something new. So when starting a plan, it’s easy to give it your all and train too hard every day. And if you feel great the first few days, eventually you get overwhelmed by this approach.

Performing all the workouts in the plan is important to achieving success, but giving yourself time to recover is equally important.

Workouts damage the muscles in the body. And rest is the time when muscles regenerate, strengthen and become more responsive.

Jeffrey M. Hartman PhD, a professor of exercise science at Gardner Webb University

ERROR 3: stall

The adrenaline rush you feel at the start of your workout can last at least a couple of weeks. However, if you always follow the same route, at the same time, every day, it is inevitable that your adrenaline level will drop quickly. It is said that life is beautiful because it is varied for a reason and the same goes for your training plan.

“The quickest way to stall performance is to perform the same workout week after week. Looking at the workouts proposed by the coaches, I notice that the exercises often vary throughout the year.”

Greg McMillan, physiologist, running champion and Olympic coach.

Fortunately, it is easy to break this spiral of monotony. Use Garmin Connect to map a new route in your neighborhood. Or find a group of friends or a club to run with for more fun time.

Our body and mind appreciate variety. Thanks to variety we can adapt to achieve better performance. Without variety we go into stalemate ..


ERROR 4: not combining workouts

Running on the same route over and over again day in and day out can get boring and the same goes for simple running action without combining other forms of training. Most coaches are cross-training promoters for good reason. Allow the body to take a break from running, although it allows you to continue pursuing your ultimate goal of successfully completing a 5K.

So if you feel the need to exercise on days when you don’t need to train for running, consider cross-training to keep your body active without putting too much strain on the muscles used for running.

When it comes to choosing which type of cross-training to perform, there are so many possibilities, Swimming, cycling, elliptical, yoga, pilates, walking and running specific strength sessions are all great choices.

Amy Parkerson-Mitchell, physical therapist and running coach from Overland Park, Kansas

ERROR 5: Overtraining

Many people do their best when starting a new training plan. They approach each workout with more passion, enthusiasm and commitment than the previous one. And this is great! There is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. However, it is important to remember that all workouts are functional to the ultimate goal of successfully completing a 5K. If you expend all your energy during training, chances are you won’t have any more to tackle the race.

Training is for preparing to compete. Always giving your all in a workout or running faster than you should is an effective way to be disappointed on race day. Find an intensity level that allows you to train effectively but within your limits for a few weeks and you will find that your performance will improve during competitions


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