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Bolero MIX FOR PASTRY. In this pack you receive all the Bolero flavors, essential in the preparation of excellent desserts with fewer calories and sugars.

In the package you receive 14 flavors: blueberry, cinnamon, berries, apple, strawberry, yogurt, coconut, lemon, lemon cake, almonds, honey, panna cotta, rum and vanilla.

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Bolero drink Classic is a series of rich sugar-free fruit flavors with low carbohydrates and added vitamin C, which your immune system badly needs for normal functioning. Bolero drink Classic does not contain classic or fruit sugar, but a natural sweetener obtained by extracting from the leaves of the stevia plant. It is also a great choice for athletes and those on a sugar-free diet. Bolero drink is a good alternative to sugary drinks, which have been shown to be harmful to health. The drink does not contain additional dyes and preservatives.

You can mix the bolero in a jug with water, mineral water or soda and make a delicious drink to your taste. With one bag you can prepare 1.5 liters of drink or more and serve it to the whole family. Bolero fruit flavors can also be used as an ingredient in the preparation of refreshing cocktails.

Quantity: The package contains 14 pieces of Bolero drinks.


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