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Bolero Isotonic instant drink with orange flavor

Bolero drink Isotonic contains vitamin C. It does not contain classic or fruit sugar, but a natural sweetener (stevia), so it is also suitable for athletes and for those who follow a sugar-free diet.

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Bolero ISOTONIC orange-flavored drink is an excellent choice to hydrate the body during and after sports activities, where the body loses a lot of water and urgently needs an adequate supply of fluids. Bolero Isotonic Instant Drink offers a rich blend of minerals and vitamins that help restore the electrolyte balance in the body and regenerate physical strength. The drink will invigorate and water you. It’s low in carbohydrates, so it’s especially welcome for those who need to watch their daily intake. Bolero drink does not contain classic or fruit sugar, but a natural sweetener obtained by extracting from the leaves of the stevia plant, so it is also a great choice for those following a sugar-free diet. The drink does not contain additional dyes and preservatives.

You can mix Bolero Isotonic in a jug of water or in a bottle and prepare a delicious drink to your taste. With one bag you can prepare 1.5 liters of drink or more.


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