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BOLERO STICKS instant drink with mixed flavors of EXOTIC FRUIT.

In this fantastic mix pack you get 12 flavors of exotic fruit types. Disposable P riročna packaging is a great choice when you need quick beverage preparation anywhere, anytime. One bag is enough to prepare 0.5 liters of a refreshing drink.

Flavors included in the package: pineapple, banana, guarana, guava, lychee, lime, mango, honey melon, papaya, passion fruit, yellow grapefruit and tropical fruits.

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Bolero drink MIX & GO in a convenient disposable package is a great choice for those who need a quick drink anywhere and anytime. One bag is enough to make 0.5 liters or more of a refreshing drink. The MIX & GO package contains 12 sachets of different flavors.

Bolero drink is a series of rich sugar-free flavors with added vitamin C, which your immune system urgently needs for normal functioning. The Bolero drink does not contain classic or fruit sugar, but a natural sweetener obtained from an extract of the leaves of the stevia plant. It is also a great choice for athletes and those on a sugar-free diet. Bolero drink is a good alternative to sugary drinks, which have been shown to be harmful to health. The drink does not contain additional dyes and preservatives.


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